Lagos Bay

Praia do Porto de Mós
Lagos - Portugal

From: May 1 to October 31
Everyday: 9:30h - 19:00h

Contact Us

Contact us using one of the methods below.

Give us a call

+351 916 452 962. Contact us by phone using the number provided or clicking on the link "Call Us" above.

Send us an email

Contact us by email by filling the contact form provided. We look forward to hearing from you!

Drop by and talk

You can walk up directly to Porto de Mós Beach in Lagos and meet us.


Clarify your questions about our services.

Lagos Bay provides a waterproof bag so you can carry your valuables. The size of the bag is about 3 liters. Lagos Bay is not responsible for the loss of its material assets.

You can take any device with you to shoot or record videos from your tour. Lagos Bay is not responsible for the damages of your material assets.

Yes, the kayak ride is safe for children. It is recommended that they be accompanied by an adult in a double kayak.